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Originally from Hertfordshire, Sally trained as an actress at East 15. Now London based and with two children, she continues to act (including as a voice over and motion capture artist) whilst developing new writing projects. Her most recent play Lee is to have a rehearsed reading as part of the London Playwrights Festival 2021. In her spare time she enjoys making clothes, fitness and reading.


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2019, Short Film, FRUITY LIL NUMBER, Synchron Productions, Rosie Frecker

2018, Voice Over, Hertfordshire Country Council

2018, Voice Over, Financial Services Authority

2017, Video Game, Various Characters, F1 - 2018

2017, Stage, Melissa, MOTION, London Be Nice, Rosie Frecker

2016, Feature Film, EDIE, Cape Wrath Films, Simon Hunter

2016, Stage, Melissa, MOTION, London Be Nice, Rosie Frecker

2016, Web Series, Sally, WELCOME TO THE INDUSTRY, Daisy Long

2016, Stage, Meredith/Mrs Gao, FORESIGHT, Synchron Productions, Andy Barton

2016, Stage, Rudolph Murder/Susan Kennedy, THE ASSEMBLY WOMEN, Boireannach, Helena Middleton

2015, Video Game, Various characters, F1 - 2016

2016, Music Video, Cryer, CRYING - ROOTS MANUVA, Helmi

2015, Short Film, Mum, PLEASE DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS, Mudlark Moving Pictures, Daisy Long

2015, Video Game, Doctor, VOCAL, Cupboard Games, Paul Dillon

2015, Short Film, Kelly, CHOCOLATE TEARS, Pam Life, Daisy Long

2015, Stage, Ensemble, DEALANACH, Boireannach, Em Skinner

2015, Voice Over, Jingle, MUTANT RADIO, We are Grape, Tom Koenig

2014, Stage, Gail, AND ALL THE CHILDREN CRIED, Boireannach Theatre, Harriet Layhe

2014, Stage, Sonya, THE RENTAL, Playground, Paul Hoskins

2014, Film school, Debby Cricket, KARSTEN PRYDE - AND THE DEBBY CRICKET CASE, MET, Frederik Gustafsson

2014, Video Game, Multiple characters, PIXEL RIFT, Ana Ribeiro

2014, Film school, Jenny, DEEP IN LOVE, Pablo Tzaing

2014, Film school, Diana, WHITE COLLAR, University of Greenwich, Kaelan Ratcliffe

2014, Stage, Lesley, FOG. VAPOUR. WISP., Cantadora Theatre, Vault Festival

2013, Stage, Rainborough/Claxton, LIGHT SHINING IN BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, East 15, Abbey Wright

2013, Stage, Lesley, FOG. VAPOUR. WISP, Skinned Theatre, Devised

2012, Arena, Nurse (roller skating), OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY, LOCOG, Danny Boyle

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Photographs by Jemma Allett



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